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Sim Hero Open BetaDo you enjoy sports management games where you try to build and manage a successful sports team of some kind?  Ever wish that could be applied to managing adventuring and questing heroes as they try to save the world?  If so you should really give the Sim Hero open beta a try.

Sim Hero by Geek Fever Games is all about successfully managing parties of adventurers as they quest for glory and fortune.  You must build and manage a settlement that acts as a hub for heroes, and as they arrive you can form parties to send off into the wild.  When (or if) they return you can interact with them to see what they encountered and how they fared.  From there you can upgrade their skills and equipment, and send them out again.  All the while you can expand your settlement with new types of buildings to attract new adventurers, have your villagers complete task necessary for keeping the settlement thriving, do some crafting, and so on.  Have a look at this update from August to give you an idea of what is in the game already.

Sim Hero was successfully Kickstarted almost a year ago, and launched the open beta a few months ago.  So, if you would like to see what an RPG is like from a management level then you should give the Sim Hero open beta a try.  Enjoy!


Sim Hero Open Beta


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