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Graywalkers KickstarterI have to admit that I even though I am often not great at them I rather enjoy tactical turn-based games like X-COM and its ilk.  Thus, whenever another turn-based tactical game shows up I always like to check it out.  Such is the case with Graywalkers: Purgatory, which you can read about over at the new Graywalkers Kickstarter campaign.

Actually, a couple of us here at DBB have been lucky enough to try out the pre-alpha press build of Graywalkers Purgatory (thanks to Entropy at Dreamlords Digital for granting us access).  We plan to write up some kind of hands-on article about our experiences with it in the very near future, but for now let me just say that I definitely think the game has potential and I like what they are going for (at least based on the little that is available to play in the press demo).  If you are a fan of turn-based tactical games then Graywalkers is one to watch.

The premise of the game is that in the near future the forces of Hell have overrun the Earth (apparently Heaven was no match for them) and we humans need to beat them back.  Humans for the win!  Anyway, in the course of sticking it to the demons, you will have to recruit and manage numerous soldiers (and teams) that can have a variety of skills and weapons.  There is actually a massive list of planned features for Graywalkers such as procedural generation, real time overworld exploration, character development and paths, factions, different races, and so on.  Read over the Graywalkers Kickstarter page for all of the details.  One other thing that is interesting is that the devs will accept donated content (3D models, 2D art, music, etc.) from the community for consideration to include in the game.

The all important testing access is available in different forms depending on which tier you pledge for.  Early access testing starts at the $45 pledge tier, and alpha access at the $125 tier, so keep that in mind if you decide to support the Graywalkers Kickstarterr.  Check it out!



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