Grimoire Alpha Registration, Demo, and Kickstarter

Grimoire Alpha Registration, Demo, and KickstarterI don’t think DBB has ever had a post regarding an alpha registration, demo, and kickstarter at the same time for a single game, but I guess there is a first time for everything!  I stumbled across the Grimoire Kickstarter this morning, and that linked to both the Grimoire alpha registration and the Grimoire single player preview demo.  So much gaming goodness all in one place!

Grimoire by OnmiConnection looks to be a rather fast paced first person shooter in which everyone is a mage capable of heaving around some nasty look spells.  This leads to the matches being non-stop displays of exploding fire balls and arcs of lightning, if the gameplay videos are any indication.  In my mind it looks like what Magicka would play like if it were a first person game.  Grimoire is also claiming to feature some MOBA-inspired elements, although it isn’t all that clear to me what those are since the game modes (PvP arena, PvP conquest, and co-op) don’t sound any different to what previous first person shooters have tried.  Nonetheless, Grimoire looks like a lot of hectic spell-casting fun, with ten schools of magic to choose from (only five are available now in the demo and alpha test).

The Grimoire alpha registration is a bit complicated.  The best way to gain access is to support the Grimoire Kickstarter and pledge for the alpha testing tier ($35) or higher.  If there is still room in the alpha test after getting all of the alpha Kickstarters in, then it will be filled up with those that back the Kickstarter at the beta testing tiers.  If, and only if, there is still room after all of those players are in then the remaining alpha spots will be filled with those that simply signed up for the Grimoire alpha.  So, try the demo and sign up for the alpha for a slim chance of testing the game.  Or support the Kickstarter and get guaranteed testing access at some point.  Oh, and help vote Grimoire in on Steam Greenlight.  Have fun!



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