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Pathologic KickstarterAs I have said in the past, some Kickstarter campaigns just hit all of the right notes and chords with gamers, and as a result they do quite well.  The Pathologic Kickstarter appears to be another example of this, raising over $160000 in just four days.

After watching the Kickstarter video and reading over the information, it is easy to see why.  As survival games go, Pathologic from Ice-Pick Lodge seems to stand out.  First off, no zombies.  That alone should warrant every gamer (or at least any gamer with a shred of taste and self-respect) pledging for it.  But it is more than simply the lack of zombies.  There is a certain je ne sais quoi about the game.  It is a survival game, it is creepy, it is big, and it is a nail biter.  But even then it appears to be more than the sum of these parts for reasons I am not sure I can articulate.  Watch the Pathologic Kickstarter video to see what I mean but can’t express.

Pathologic takes place in a town devastated by a mysterious disease.  You take on the role of one of three doctors (“healer” might be a better term) with the goal of trying to find a cure.  You are on the clock though, with only twelve in game days to accomplish your task, and the game appears happy to remind you that you won’t be able to do everything or save everyone during this time.  You will need to find a way to survive while you explore the town, and you can expect to have to make some very tough choices along the way.  It sounds quite compelling.  And it sounds like you will have lots to explore through multiple play-throughs.  Each of the three playable characters has their own story, and in total the game is expected to provide about 72 hours of gameplay.  Impressive!

As with any Kickstarter we mention on DBB, testing access of some kind is a requirement, and the Pathologic Kickstarter is no exception.  Testing access starts at the $45 tier, along with a lot of other goodies, so if you consider pledging keep that in mind.  If you do pledge, remember to tell them that Death by Beta sent you.  Check it out!


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