Death to Spies 3 Demo

Death to Spies 3 DemoPersonally I have always been a fan of first person or third person stealth games, and if you are like me then you will be interested to hear about the Death to Spies 3 demo which you can try ahead of the Death to Spies 3 Kickstarter that is set to launch shortly.

Death to Spies 3 is (as you can probably guess) the third installment of the stealth series, none of which I have ever tried.  In fact, had Haggard Games not been kind enough to email DBB this morning regarding the demo and upcoming Kickstarter, I wouldn’t have even known about it (from what I understand, the demo has been available for quite some time).  The email compares Death to Spies 3 as a hybrid between the Hitman, Commandos, and Splinter Cell games, which in my mind is setting the bar pretty high.  Not a bad thing at all if Death to Spies 3  can indeed deliver on this.

In Death to Spies 3 you take on the role of a Soviet counter-intelligence agent during the end of World War 2 and the beginning years of the Cold War.  The game story will take your KGB agent through a variety of countries and you will take part in a number of historical events, even brushing up against the JFK assassination at one point.  Like in many other stealth games, you will be given an open map design that will allow you to accomplish your goals in a number of ways using a wide range of weapons and tools.  Certain missions will even give you control of a small team of agents that you can control, must like in Commandos series.

I have seen a draft of The Death to Spies 3 Kickstarter information and it will include testing access in some of the tiers.  DBB will update you once it becomes available.  For now you can try out the Death to Spies 3 demo to see what you think.  The game has already been greenlit by the Steam community, which is a good sign.  So try the demo and wait for the Kickstarter  Enjoy!



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