Skyforge Beta Keys (Expired)

Skyforge Beta Keys (External)I was travelling yesterday so I didn’t get a chance to post about this when it went live, but just so you all know there are some Skyforge beta keys being given away today and tomorrow via the Skyforge Facebook page.

For those that haven’t been following, Skyforge is an in-development MMORPG which blends sci-fi with mythology as you progress from warrior to a demi-god.  The entire game is built from the ground up to be a much more action-oriented game with very fluid combat that eschews tab targeting for a more hack’n’slash feel with direct targeting (at least, that is the impression I get from the information available).  There are some other interesting features such as non-level based advancement, class swapping, and one giant server (or seamlessly linked servers) for all players.  Check out the Skyforge About and FAQ pages for more information, or better yet watch the Gamescon video below.

So, if you are interested in testing out Skyforge then make sure you are watching the Skyforge Facebook page over the next two days as they have already started handing out keys.  You will have to be quick on the draw to snag one though, so make sure you read over the relevant information about the Skyforge beta keys (and watch the Skyforge Twitter account for updates).  Don’t forget that you can also sign up for the Skyforge beta and hope for the best.  Good luck!


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