Vector Thrust Early Access

Vector Thrust Early AccessIt is time to take to the skies with some arcade pseudo-simulation dog-fighting action with the Vector Thrust early access that went live on Steam recently!

Vector Thrust from TimeSymmetry and Iceberg Interactive is apparently a spiritual successor to the Ace Combat if the feedback I am seeing on Steam is to be believed.  Not that I would know since I never played any of the Ace Combat games, but that might have some meaning to some of you.  What I do know is that Vector Thrust is aiming to deliver some fast arcade-action dog-fighting that is meant to be both accessible and fun.  This means that if you are into hardcore flight simulators then you should probably keep on walking.  If however you are looking for some quick dog-fighting fun, Vector Thrust might be something to check out.

In Vector Thrust, you will have access to a slew of variations built on about 40 different aircraft giving a total of around 200 different fighters to pilot.  Supposedly the AI in this game is quite good and will keep you guessing in the single player mode as you fight above a dynamically changing battlefield.  Or, if you prefer, multiplayer PvP is available via an opt-in function (read the Steam page for more info).  Vector Thrust also uses cel-shading which makes it look quite slick for an dog-fighting game.

As always the standard early access warnings apply and you can expect bugs, unfinished features, and missing content (such as co-op), especially since the game is still in its late alpha phase.  Still, the Vector Thrust is selling for a measly $15 (it will be more expensive upon release) and is getting positive feedback from what I can see.  So if you are interested in trying some fast-paced dog-fighting gameplay then the Vector Thrust early access is worth a look.  Check it out!


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