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MM-1OK I admit it, I never would have figured a game based on designing a subway system would be a hit, but I clearly stand corrected given that the Mini Metro early access that went live recently on Steam seems to be getting rave feedback.

Mini Metro from Dinosaur Polo Club at first sounds like some kind of building and management simulator, but it turns out it is more akin to a puzzle game.  You start with a small number of metro stations in one of a number of well-known cities and you must keep commuters moving between stations by drawing and redrawing track between them.  As you progress you will gain more resources for building track, but don’t expect to get easier because you will have more stations to connect and more commuters to move over time.  In the main game mode, the commuters will keep piling up until the system fails, and lasting longer will increase your score.  All of this is presented using a very attractive minimalistic art design that is wonderful to look at.  You can even save your favourite metro layouts to share with the world.

The Mini Metro early access just entered its second beta phase as of this morning, and the game is incomplete right now (so don’t expect otherwise).  Only London, New York, and Paris are available right now, with more to be added later on.  The sandbox mode and rush hour modes are also not yet implemented.  Still, as I said above the game is getting race reviews from Steam users (as of this morning there isn’t a single negative feedback comment, but plenty of positives).  Given that the Mini Metro early access is only $7 it won’t set you back much, but just in case you want to try before you buy there is still a browser-based demo version of the Mini Metro alpha available for you to try out.  I tried the demo a bit this morning and I can tell you that it seems simple at first but quickly starts getting both complex and addicting.  Enjoy!

[Update: OMG I have been playing the demo a lot more and it is so damned addictive…I can’t stop!]


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