Wormhunter Prototype Demo

Wormhunter PrototypeOnce in awhile on Twitter one happens to run across interesting game projects that one has never heard about before.  Case in point is the Wormhunter prototype demo.  I actually happened to notice a retweet asking if anyone had any interesting ideas for the use of the new villagers that were being added to the future versions of the game.  Of course, being my normal well-adjusted self I immediately felt the need to tweet back “Bait!”

You see, Wormhunter, as you can guess from the name, is all about hunting rather large worms in a rather larger desert (taking some direct inspiration from Dune I suspect).  You have a sword, three beacons, the ability to perform a dodge roll, and (if you are lucky enough to have both a controller and a friend in the room with you) perhaps even a co-op partner.  You must use these few essentials to lure and kill the giant worms.  As I have come to discover, that is much easier said than done.  To date, I have managed to kill a grand total of zero worms.  None, nada, not-a-one.  Me, zero…worms, 2437.

My abysmal performance aside, it is still a cool little demo game that is being made by three guys: Martijn Thorig, Dick Poelen, and Frank Meijer.  Martijn was kind enough to chat with me by email and tell me about the game.  Wormhunter was an entry to Ludum Dare Jam, and since then development has continued.  The core elements of the game are now complete, and the three are now pushing towards releasing Wormhunter 2.0 which will feature a lot more elements such as missions and the aforementioned bait.

Martijn also mentioned that he and the other devs loved playing the Atari 2600 console as a kid, which was clearly used as inspiration for both the gameplay and visuals, because that is exactly what came to mind when I first tried Wormhunter.  It really took me back to my early days of gaming on my 2600 and C64, and as such I had a wonderful feeling of nostalgia when playing Wormhunter.

So check out the Wormhunter prototype (available for Windows, Mac, and Linux) and give it a whirl.  Hopefully you can manage to kill a worm as well.  Enjoy!



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