Shadow Realms Alpha Registration

Shadow Realms Alpha RegistrationIt looks like the 4v1 multiplayer Evolve is going to have some competition shortly, because BioWare have just announced their own 4v1 mutliplayer game known as Shadow Realms.  Intrigued?  Good, because the Shadow Realms alpha registration is now live!  On a side note, this explains all of the cryptic “You have been chosen” emails many of us have been receiving as of late.

Actually, to be fair, Shadow Realms will be more of a 4 versus 1 RPG game that will also focus on a lot of story elements (no surprise there being a BioWare game).  From what I gather about the game, the story won’t be presented in a continuous fashion but rather in episodes that you and your team can play through, all the while battling a real player.  This player takes on the role of the “Shadowlord” who will control the enemy creatures and set traps to stop the player team.  And, like the heroes, the Shadowlord can also be leveled up and customized in various ways.  No matter which side you play you will be able to tweak your in-game character with a particular class and weapons and skills to fit your play style.  Sounds great!

So head over to the Shadow Realms site and read over the info.  The head over to the Shadow Realms alpha registration page and get your name in (you will need an EA Origin account to do so).  Check it out!



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