ArcheAge CBT3 Incoming

ArcheAge CBT3 IncomingI have a distinct feeling that keeping up with the ArcheAge closed beta events is going to become a full time job.  Case in point: the ArcheAge CBT3 was announced last week and it will go live this coming Thursday, August 14th.

Do I really need to describe ArcheAge at this point?  I am not sure I have the strength to do it once more.  I will say this though…ArcheAge is looking like it will be a humongous win for Trion game (and honestly, they deserve one).  The social media guy here at DBB, Nick, is playing in the ArcheAge beta and he simply can’t stop gushing about how amazing the game is as an MMORPG, especially following the rather disappointing ESO.  Some of our other online friends are also playing in the ArcheAge beta and they say similar things.  Clearly ArcheAge is onto something.

As before, the easiest way to get access to the ArcheAge CBT3 is to purchase a Founder’s Pack (Trion is certainly hoping that you do).  You can also sign up for the beta test and hope for the best.  Either way, check it out!



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