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EoS-1Exodus of Sol is a game whose development history is rather interesting and tumultuous, and in the spirit of fairness and full disclosure I will need to tell you about it while reporting on the Exodus of Sol early access that went live on Steam this week.

Exodus of Sol is actually a complete reboot or remake or whatever you want to call it of the troubled SOL: Exodus that was released back in 2012.  While SOL had some great ideas, it was a bit of a mess in terms of mechanics and gamers generally criticized it heavily.  However, that was then and this is now. Some of original people behind SOL have decided that they are not satisfied with a failure to meet their vision for the game, and as a result they have banded together under a new name (Bit Planet Games) to take another shot at it with Exodus of Sol.  I highly recommend reading the blog post from Chris Stockman (Studio Director) regarding this, and you really do have to admire devs that make every attempt to learn for their mistakes and make a much better game.

Like the original SOL, Exodus of Sol is a space sim game in which you take command of various space fighters as you help protect mankind as they flee Earth and search for a new home before the Sun collapses.  It doesn’t sound like the story has changed all that much from the original, but other than that the game is being heavily remade.  I spent a bit of time digging through the game’s Steam community hub and found some posts by Chris Stockman, and this is how he summarized what has improved in Exodus of Sol:

– All our environments have been completely redone.
– We’ve rescaled our ships.
– Missions have been either completely redesigned or have been heavily altered.
– AI has been much improved.
– All new ship physics.
– New and improved radar system.
– Ship subsystem management and you can even repair your ship mid-flight.
– We’ve included new game play modes (but these are still very much in an Alpha state and will be improved / expanded upon throughout Early Access).
– This first release features 4 missions to get you reacquainted with the game. We’ll be adding the remaining missions throughout Early Access.

So that should give you an idea of how they are trying to make Exodus of Sol a much better game.  Whether or not you should buy in isn’t for me to say, but I do recommend reading over the information about Exodus of Sol and seeing what you think.  Currently the Exodus of Sol early access will run you $20, but I can understand the “once burned twice shy” attitude many gamers are expressing about the new game.  As such there isn’t a lot of feedback about the early access to share with you.  Still, I do like that the devs are really trying to work to get a new game and are hoping that some of you will help out with testing the game in order to give them feedback.  They are looking into getting owners of SOL a discount on this game, but Valve has to set that up so we will have to stayed tuned about that.

Interested in trying to help make Exodus of Sol the game it was meant to be?  If so, check out the Exodus of Sol early access and considering picking it up.  Have a look and see what you think!



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