Aegis Defenders Kickstarter

Aegis Defenders KickstarterAegis Defenders has been on my radar for a little while now, although I can’t recall how I first heard about the game.  In any case, I have been waiting to report on the launch of the Aegis Defenders Kickstarter, which I am happy to announce happened yesterday!

Aegis Defenders from GUTS Department joins the ranks of games that are returning to a retro console look in terms of their visuals (and arguably gameplay).  This approach has been taking the gaming world by storm because most of these types of games seem to simply sky-rocket in terms of popularity, especially on Kickstarter.  Case in point: the Aegis Defenders Kickstarter is already  41% to its $65000 goal after just one day!  Kudos!

Aegis Defenders is a tactical side-scrolling platformer that sports some retro 16-bit visuals that still look pretty damn slick.  The game follows the story of Bart and his granddaughter Clu as they search for the Aegis, a legendary weapon that can help defeat the robotic demi-god Shem and his empire.  Ok, so I guess the story is retro too, although I am sure there is more to it than just that.  Aegis Defenders will utilize character swapping so that you can take advantage of both Bart and Clu and set up some interesting tactics like Clu luring enemies into Bart’s waiting turrets.  Speaking of which, there will be segments of the game which will employ pseudo tower defense gameplay, requiring Bart and Clu to set up and defend an area or even a moving objective.  Sounds great!

All in all, Aegis Defenders looks like it should be a winner and I am curious to see where they take it.  I should also mention that multiplayer co-op is a stretch goal, so assuming that the Aegis Defenders Kickstarter kicks ass that should be an included option.  Give the Kickstarter page a read for the full details.  Oh yeah, the all important future testing access is available starting at the $40 early bird tier, so keep that in mind when pledging.  And help vote in the game on Steam Greenlight!  Check it out!



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