Sunless Sea Early Access

Sunless Sea Early AccesscI have actually been meaning to report on Sunless Sea for some time now, but I knew the Sunless Sea early access was going to arrive on Steam at some point and I figured that I would wait until then.  Well, that finally happened yesterday, so it is high time that I told you about it.

Sunless Sea, from Failbetter Games, is a top down horror survival rogue-like in which you control a customizable ship as you explore a gothic Victorian-era alternate reality London (based on the Fallen London universe, if you happen to be familiar with that game).  One reviewer on the Sunless Sea early access page summed it up as a mix between FTL and a survival RPG.  Sunless Sea is one of those games where every time you try it you will have a vastly different experience.  Will you run some missions?  Will you explore the dark sea?  Will you crew mutiny this time or manage to stay sane if you leave the lighted shores of Fallen London?  Anything can happen.

Sunless Sea has been getting a lot of buzz and it has some very strong positive reviews (in fact, at the time of me writing this the game has yet to get any negative user feedback on Steam).  So if you are into rogue-likes and want to inject a bit of horror and insanity into the mix, you would do yourself a favour to check out the Sunless Sea early access.  As always, the standard early access warning apply, and the game is not yet complete.  The devs have posted a detailed game plan though and look to be really pushing towards final release in a few months.  The game is currently 10% until July 8th, but even after that it will only cost you $19.  Give it a look!



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