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InSomnia KickstarterSo while wandering through Kickstarter this morning I stumbled across something that looked quite intriguing to me.  The InSomnia Kickstarter campaign just went live today and I have to say that it looks like it could be a really interesting steampunk RPG game.

Set in the future, your character awakens from cryo-sleep on massive spaceship to find things are amiss but with no real idea of what has happened.  The rather retro-styled spaceship, known as The Ark, had a centuries long mission to reach a new planet.  Unfortunately, after you awake it becomes apparent that the spaceship has now been mostly abandoned and that a conflict has erupted between two factions, causing all kinds of problems.  InSomnia is a top-down isometric RPG that will allow you to customize your character as you level up from exploring the spaceship you and running the story and side missions, not to mention the combat.  It also sounds like there will be planetary locales to explore as well, so you won’t be always running around the ship.

InSomnia promises to deliver non-linear missions, branching story and dialogue, lots of crafting and customization, and lots of other stuff that you can find on the InSomnia Kickstarter page.  I should also mentioned that at least some of the game will be playable via co-op multiplayer, which I personally always think is a great addition to such games.

All and all, the InSomnia Kickstarter gives me a very strong Fallout-on-a-spacehip type of vibe, which might not be a bad thing, so if you are in the mood for a new retro steampunk-ish RPG, InSomnia might be one to check out.  Note that many of the pledge tiers include some form of future game testing, so keep that in mind if you decide to support the game.  You can also help vote up InSomnia on Steam Greenlight.  Give it a look!


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