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Pale Blue DemoRecently we told you about the Pale Blue Kickstarter campaign that is currently running and that has (as I write this) nine days left and under $10000 to go to reach its goal.  Well, if you have been considering pledging for the Pale Blue Kickstarter but haven’t yet made up your mind, you might be interested in knowing that Tinker Games just added released a “mock-up” demo for everyone to try.

You may want to go back around read our previous post to learn about Pale Blue, but in a nutshell you take on the role of Ellen who has, after being turned into a rather nasty creature with the ability to transform her body into all sorts of wonderful weapons, has embraced the evil side of life and is now running rampant doing the bidding of her makers.  The demo will give you a taste of this upcoming side-scrolling action adventure.  And when I say “taste” I am almost being literal since part of the game is actually devouring those pesky humans!

Bear in mind though that this demo is meant to be a proof-of-concept glimpse of the game and does in no way represent the quality of the final game. Still, it is worth checking out, so head over to the Pale Kickstarter update page, download the demo, and get your evil on!  Enjoy!



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