Mystery of Oak Island Q&A

MoOI-article-postRecently we reported on The Mystery of Oak Island Kickstarter and talked about this in-development point’n’click adventure game, which revolves around the actual legend of Oak Island and the treasure supposedly buried there.  Well, Thomas Dibke over at Visionaire Studio was kind enough to take out some time from his busy schedule and answers some questions for a Mystery of Oak Island Q&A with us.

Here is a quick excerpt from the Q&A interview:

Will there ever be any sequences where Jamie and Ann are played at the same time and players need to swap between them to solve puzzles?

Yes, definitely. If you think about Day of the Tentacle you know how this will be managed. Some puzzles can only be solved with the help of special characters, special skills, and research. Additionally, there will be classic dialogue puzzles. Ann is also quite whimsical and doesn’t always want to dance to Jamie’s tune. So they will certainly have some wild disputes, and we gonna work this out in some of our puzzles.

Check out the full Mystery of Oak Island Q&A interview to read the full article and get more information about the game.  Don’t forget to check out the The Mystery of Oak Island Kickstarter as well (which still have seven days left as of today).




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