Rise of Incarnates Alpha Starts Tomorrow (May 30)

Rise of Incarnates Alpha Tomorrow (May 30)Recently we told you about Rise of Incarnates and that you could sign up for the Rise of Incarnates alpha test.  Well, I hope you did indeed sign up because the Rise of Incarnates alpha test actually starts tomorrow on Friday, May 30th!

For those that missed the initial news back in April, Rise of Incarnates is an upcoming 2v2 PvP arena fighting game which promises to deliver a lot of hyper-action.  Players will be able to choose from a variety of different fighters (including a sexy looking female arms dealer that apparently feels it is a good idea to wear nothing but lingerie to a brawl…sigh…haven’t we progressed beyond such stupidity yet?) each of which will have a range of weapons and abilities that you can use to string together into your own attack combos.  Watch the new RoI trailer for an idea of the gameplay.

The alpha test only runs for three days with no word if there will be any further alpha events (at least, not that I can find).  So, if you want to get in on the Rise of Incarnates alpha action, make sure you head over the game’s website and sign up ASAP.  Get on it!



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