The Mystery of Oak Island Kickstarter

The Mystery of Oak Island KickstarterSo I have once again spent a bit of time scouring the Kickstarter universe for interesting new games in the works, and a few have caught my eye.  The first was The Mystery of Oak Islands Kickstarter, and if you are a fan of point-n-click adventure games then this one might be a game that you should check out.

The Mystery of Oak Island is an adventure game that puts a new spin on the actual mystery of Oak Island.  For those that don’t know, Oak Island is a tiny island off of the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada, that contains a sizeable sinkhole wherein, according to local legend, a massive treasure is laid to rest.  Even as a Canadian myself I can’t say that I really know much more than that, but apparently the island has attracted a slew of treasure hunters over the years and the hunt continues to this day.  The Mystery of Oak Island game centers on this legend, and players will actually follow the story from the perspective of three different characters, two in the present day and one back in history.  It sounds like it could be a great story and hopefully will capture the attention of adventure gamers.

The Mystery of Oak Island also looks to use some slick 2.5D visuals as well for scenery, which you can see in the prototype gameplay video.  The final version of the game will be much more polished, but even so it already looks pretty good (but expect the voice acting to improve).  If you do pledge for The Mystery of Oak Islands Kickstarter, some of the higher tiers do included testing access, although I suppose beta testing an adventure game probably takes away something from the final play-through.  Nonetheless, it is available if you want it.  Oh, and help vote in the game on Steam Greenlight.  Check it out!


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    • Our pleasure! Hopefully some of our readers will be intrigued and help back the game! It looks like it should be a great adventure game from what I can see.

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