Pale Blue Kickstarter

Pale Blue KickstarterThe good folks over at Tinker Games have emailed me a couple of times about their Pale Blue Kickstarter, and I have been a touch slow in getting a post up about it (apologies!), so here it is at long last.

Pale Blue is a side-scrolling action game where, in a departure from tradition, you take on the role of a purely evil character that is out to further the goals a an equally evil corporation.  I know your mind went immediately to the Umbrella Corp, but in the case of Plae Blue it is the Cocoon Organization that want to rule the world, and you will help them do it by taking control of Ellen.  Ellen is a young girl turned monster by the aforementioned evil doers, and she has some pretty nasty powers with which to do battle against all of those namby-pamby superheroes that are bolloxing up the place.  Ellen can transform parts (or all) of her body into all kinds of organic weapons, and even devour any human she encounters (I am getting a real Prototype déjà vu vibe here).

The story sounds cool as it will delve into what makes Ellen tick and explore why truly evil beings actually gravitate towards evil.  Pale Blue will also feature a number of different types of gameplay including stealth missions and tower defense mechanics.  And all of this is presented with a serious anime motif going on.

Currently the Pale Blue Kickstarter has 24 days to go and has raised almost a third of the required $48000, so then are so far on track to hit the goal.  If you are into side-scrolling action games and feel like diving into the evil side of things for once, Pale Blue is worth a look.  Bear in mind that that you will have to pledge at least $25 in order to gain testing access to the game once available.  Give it a look!



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