Once Upon a Runner Kickstarter and Q&A

Once Upon a Runner Kickstarter and Q&AAs most of you know, we cover a number of Kickstarters here on DBB, but generally it is limited to those that are for PC games and those that having testing access included.  So when Jasmine Greene from SaltyPepper Studios emailed DBB to let us know about their Once Upon a Runner Kickstarter, I wondered why I had missed it.  Well, it turns out that it was missed because it is listed as a mobile device video game.  However, since there is a PC demo available and there is the possibility of a future PC version, I figured we could make an exception, especially since there is also early access testing available via pledging.  Plus, Jasmine did ask nicely, so here we are!

Jasmine provide some great information via some quick questions I had for her via email, and I figured I would simply paste in the answers as a quick Q&A below.  We had hoped to do a more proper Q&A interview, but I am afraid I am super busy this weekend and the Once Upon a Runner Kickstarter only has three days left as I write this, so time is of the essence.  Read on for the info about the game, check out the demo, and have a look at the Once Upon a Runner Kickstarter.  Enjoy!


Tell us briefly about OUaR.

Once Upon a Runner originally started as a small side project to an ARPG PC game. Ella is actually a character from that game and lives in the world of SaltyPepper (the game world) where the PC game takes place. We wanted to give people a little bit of background on the characters and a sneak peek into this world. The world of SaltyPepper is very unique in that there are portals scattered around that lead to different dimensions. In Once Upon a Runner, the dimensions are based on familiar fairy tales. You’ll gets to experience these stories through the eyes of Ella so the stories will be a little different though you’ll meet familiar characters like the Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood. While we introduce SaltyPepper, we don’t answer any questions like why are there these portals. Instead we focus on building Ella’s character as she grows from a girl who needs protecting to someone who can protect herself and others.



Why should gamers take notice of OUaR, and why might they be interested in it?

Rather than playing simply to beat your own score or leaderboard scores, the game revolves around the characters and storyline. We wanted to move away from the traditional runner genre by really getting the audience involved in Ella and explaining why she is running. We weave in the narrative via hand-drawn comics so fans of fairy tales, comics and runners will have everything they enjoy all in one!

What type of gameplay will OUaR involve? Are there any special mechanics in the game?

Once Upon a Runner features intuitive controls for basic gameplay. You jump and slide past obstacles. Since Ella is a fire mage, she can also throw fireballs so you can also destroy obstacles that stand in your path. Later on you will need to use your fireballs to beat the different bosses. Each level (six in total) has a unique boss mechanic to keep the game interesting and keep you on your toes. As you progress through each level, the difficulty will increase.

What will they find in the demo? Is the demo only for PC or other platforms?

The demo version of the game is available for PC as well as Android devices. You will find the entire first level of the game to play including the boss fight. As the first level is an introductory level, it will be a little easy, however it should give you a good idea as to the gameplay of future levels. You can play the demo here: http://saltypeppergames.com/our-games/

Will there be a PC version?

Yes, we have a PC version in the works and we should release it at the same time as our mobile devices.



DBB is all about testing games, so what sort of testing will happen for OUaR?

We are doing a LOT of QA in-house, but we are also engaging our community by sending out our Android demo to people who have expressed interest on reddit, Facebook and other social media forums. We want to make sure that we don’t miss any details since we’ve been looking at the game for so long that it’s difficult to see what an outside observer might have issues with.

What other Kickstarter bonuses can players get if they pledge for OUaR?

For $5 you can get early access to our game as well as 4 unlocked outfits for Ella. At $100 you will be able to interview and help with early QA for our future game. Of course all of our backers will be able to easily contact our dev team should there be any issues and/or questions about Once Upon a Runner or any other games. We want to have open dialogue with your audience so that we can improve our game and create games that people want to play.

Will there be additional OUaR content or games in the future?

Yes, we are coming up with different modes like sudden death mode where you will only have one heart to get through all of the levels. We even have an additional endless level background in the works.

Is there any other information that you would like everyone to know?

 Once Upon a Runner has been in production since 2012 and we are very close to release. Right now most of the work is QA, so if you would like to test out the game and give feedback please sign up for our newsletter at saltypeppergames.com where we will be sending out beta invites.

OK, there you have it.  Check out the Once Upon a Runner Kickstarter while you still can.  Check it out!


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