Hex: Shards of Fate Beta Hands-on

Hex: Shards of Fate Beta Hands-onOur good friend Zhenya is back with a new Hex: Shards of Fate beta hands-on article for all of you to check out.  A few of us here at DBB bought into the Hex Kickstarter and have been playing in both the alpha and beta tests for the game, and if you like TCG’s then Hex is definitely a lot of fun (I myself am new to TCG’s and am still learning how they work, but I rather like the gameplay).

Here is an excerpt from the hands-on article:

But to Crypotozoic Entertainment’s credit, the Alpha did serve its purpose and we’ve arrived at beta with a complete first set and feature set that is a bit light, but gets the basics right. The first set does an impressive job of hitting the beats you would expect by a Magic-inspired TCG. Aggro decks, Ramp decks, tempo decks, control decks. Don’t know what those terms mean? Don’t worry, it’s all there for you to learn – and that is really the point. Even at this early stage it is clear that the designers at CZE are savvy enough to have created a robust, deep first set that inspires confidence in future releases.

Check out the full Hex: Shards of Fate Beta hands-on article, and learn more about game over at the Hex website.

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