Minimum Hands-On Opinions

Minimum Hands-On OpinionsThe first Minimum play test was held this past weekend, and it was a blast!  If you didn’t get a chance to try it out, don’t worry there will be more, but you need to get your name in for the beta testing events over at the Minimum website.

I happened to run into a great fellow player, TheNinth, during the weekend, and we decided to write up a little opinion piece regarding our experience in Minimum so far.  Here is a quick excerpt from our Minimum Hands-on Opinions article:

What was your initial impression of Minimum (is it what you expected)?

TheNinth: I was expecting a fast paced, crazy arena shooter with lanes and, wow, that’s exactly what Minimum is.

Cyber: My first impression was good in that I really liked that combat and gameplay, but it wasn’t what I expected.  I expected more MOBA elements based on what I had read, but it more like team deathmatch with escort objectives.  Not a bad thing, but not what I expected.

 Check out the entire article to read about our opinions of Minimum!


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