The Universim Kickstarter

The Universim KickstarterA couple of months ago we reported on The Universim and its beta registration.  Well, things are clearly progressing for this upcoming planet management game because The Universim Kickstarter has just launched!

For those of you who are just now joining us, The Universim is a planet-management god-game hybrid in which you take your planent from the stone age to the stars!  You will need to guide your planet’s civilization as they try to cope with weather, seasons, disasters, disease, and so on.  You can directly affect certain aspects of your planet and things like research directions, but much of the development that your civilization goes through will be handled by the AI in response to your actions.  Will they flourish or fail?  Time will tell based on your actions.  Your civilization may even advance far enough to explore and colonize other planets!

The Universim looks really slick visually, as is evidenced by the videos and screenshots available.  In fact, much of the games features sound very slicks, and it is well worth reading over The Universim Kickstarter page to have a look at what it is aiming for.  I really like the sound of the Dynamic News Service where news bulletins about your civilization can be shared with The Universim community.  That should be very entertaining.

So, if you looking for a new planet-based civilization management god-game, The Universim might just be the ticket!  Check out The Universim Kickstarter and considering pledging for the game.  Almost every tier gets you beta access, and some tiers even include alpha access, so pledge accordingly.  Crack on and have a look!


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