Universe Edge Kickstarter and Demo

Universe Edge Kickstarter and DemoEver want to build and fly a Star Destroyer?  Don’t lie, you know you have.  Luckily, Universe Edge may very well help you do that, to an extent anyway.  Currently the Universe Edge Kickstarter is currently underway and needs some support to make it a reality.  Better yet, there is a small pre-alpha demo available for you to try.

Universe Edge is actually the brain child of a single guy, Albert Olivera, who was kind enough to email us about the game otherwise we might have missed it.  Universe Edge is creation game that specifically focuses on designing, building, and managing your own spaceship.  And when I say manage, I mean you actually have to add and manage the crew who will run the ship.  There are quite a number of building blocks and ship components already available in the game, and I can see there being a lot of flexibility in ship design.

Which brings us back to the open statement about building a Star Destroyer.  I emailed Albert back and asked about whether or not someone could actually build something as big as a Star Destroyer or the USS Enterprise, because you all know damn well that someone will try to do it (you know who you are!).  Albert mentioned that there currently is a size limit of 999x999x999, assuming your gaming rig can even handle that.  That is pretty big based on what I have seen so far.

Speaking of which, I gave the demo a spin this morning and while it is definitely pre-alpha, I can see the potential of the game.  You creation-game maniacs out there could probably get a lot of mileage out of a game like Universe Edge.  It well worth reading over the tutorial information that is available on the demo page before actually trying the demo, because I was a bit lost at first.  I did figure out how to make the demo ship surface into glass so that I could see the crew running around, and I had it attack a nearby asteroid just to show it who was boss!

I should also mention that eventually the game will include multiple star systems to explore, other ships to interact and fight with.  And you may even be able to command multiple ships.  Build your own fleet!

So if you are really hankering for a chance to design and build a variety of spaceships, try out the Universe Edge demo and see what you think.  If you like what you see, considering backing the Universe Edge Kickstarter as it only needs about $26000 to be successful.  Pretty much every pledge other than the lowest will grant you testing access as well so that you can contribute to the development.  You should also vote in Universe Edge on Steam Greenlight.  Check it out!



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