Dawngate Community Beta

Dawngate Community BetaIt is has been a while since we talked about Dawngate, but there is now some new exciting news.  The Dawngate community beta launched yesterday, so if you have been waiting to try out this in-development MOBA, now is your chance!

Dawngate, from Waystone Games, gives you a fresh take on the MOBA formula, and uses a different style of gameplay.  If you take LoL’s Twisted Treeline map and combined it with LoL’s Dominion game mode, and cram in a 5v5 match-up, you start to get an idea of how Dawngate works.  I actually played in the Dawngate closed beta quite a bit and I must say that it was nice to see something in the MOBA world that feels fairly novel.  It is well worth a look if you are looking for a new MOBA experience.

So there you go!  Check out Dawngate and get into the Dawngate community beta!  You can register for the open beta via the Dawngate website.  Enjoy!

Update: some of our readers mentioned that it would be nice to see a tutorial on how Dawngate differs from other MOBAs.  The video below will give you an idea.



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