Interplanetary Alpha Hands-On

Interplanetary Alpha Hands-OnThe good folks at Team Jolly Roger gave me alpha access for their upcoming space-based artillery game, Interplanetary, which requires players to build and manage their planets in order to launch attacks and protect their own population.  I was able to get some gameplay time under my belt and write up an Interplanetary Alpha Hands-On article for you to read over.

Here is a small excerpt from the article:

Probably the biggest difference for Interplanetary versus the classic artillery games is the inclusion of infrastructure and technology.  Each starting planet has a set number of cities randomly placed around the procedurally generated planets, and from there players must build up their tech and structures.  The cities are the key structures though, and you need to keep their populations alive and thriving.  Lose too many cities or too much population and you lose the match.

Check out the article and check out Interplanetary from Team Jolly Roger!


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