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Dead Crusade KickstarterThe zombie game genre is really packed these days, so if you are a game developer and want to have something a bit more unique and still produce a zombie-based game, what do you do?  Well, Aesthetic Games decided to go back in time with their game and release the Dead Crusade Kickstarter based on this premise.

Dead Crusade rewrites the Black Death pandemic of the 14th century to be less about millions of people being wiped out and more about the plague turning them into zombies.  OK, I know the concept of a zombie-creating disease is nothing new, but kudos to Aesthetic Games for looking for a new setting.  And given that the game is being built using the Unreal Engine 4, it should be a very pretty new setting (if the Kickstarter video is any indication).

Dead Crusade will be mostly multiplayer co-op focused, although a single player option will be available.  Players will use one of four classes to work together to survive through whatever map they are playing on.  It sort of sounds like a medieval version of Left for Dead, although it is clear the devs are trying to be more than just that will customization options for the classes, map objectives, and a variety of combat options.  Oh, and if you aren’t careful, you may actually contract the plague as well, which may even turn you into a zombie so that you can attack your teammates!

I can’t say I am a fan of zombie games given their saturation, but even I am intrigued by Dead Plague and may give it a go.  It is worth reading through the Dead Crusade Kickstarter page to get the full info because the game does sound pretty good, and I can see players of both the Left for Dead games and medieval RPG games having some good fun in Dead Crusade.  If you do pledge, make sure you grab a tier that gives you beta access!  Give it a look!



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