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Centration Early AccessThe more I read about Centration the less I think that it is a game and the more I think that it is a social science experiment.  Either way, the Centration early access just hit Steam so that you can start participating.

Centration is a survival game in which players are thrown together in functioning space station and tasked with surviving at any cost as things start to go badly.  You may need to work together to survive, or perhaps you will need to survive inspite of your teammates actions.  Or perhaps you won’t.  Centration allows you and your teammaters to play however you want in order to survive.  Do you fix a malfunctioning life support system to save your teammates, or kill them to keep the remaining air for yourself?  Decisions, decisions, decisions.

I suggest reading the Centration overview page to get an idea of the ways you can manipulate your environment, or back stab you teammates.  The game is played in rounds that can be quick or lengthy depending on how it plays out.  If you survive you are rewarded in some fashion, but the emphasis is on the IF.

It is important to note that the current build of Centration is very bare bones (UPDATE: see the comment below because it sounds like a less bare-bones version is on the way), and if you buy into the Centration early access you won’t have much to do at this time.  On the plus side, however, you will be helping to shape the game from a very early stage, and some of you may really enjoy that.  Plus the early access price is currently 15% off until April 11th so that may help grease the wheels.  Give it a look!



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2 thoughts on “Centration Early Access

  1. Hey! From what it seems, it’s taking them a bit to get the game’s actual Alpha working. That’s the stress test so far that was for pre-alpha. Steam is just being a bit touchy with uploading since it was released on early access an hour ago or so 🙂 Check back soon and a slightly less bare-boned game should be up I believe!

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