Dead Years Kickstarter

Dead Years KickstarterAnother game with a dog from the Great White North on Kickstarter!  Recently we had Ashen Rift, an FPS with a dog companion, and now we have Dead Years, an top-down isometric zombie survival games with a dog companion.  We Canadians love our dogs it seems!  In any case, the Dead Years Kickstarter is now up and running and looking for your support to reach their $60000 goal.

Dead Years is entering into a fairly crowded room given the number of zombie survival games out there already.  Then again, they all seem to sell fairly well so perhaps it is a good bet.  Dead Years will pit you and your canine companion against both the elements and zombies as you explore the open-world and try to survive.  You will need to find or craft armor and weapon, and of course you will need a constant supply of food and shelter.

Dead Years will have a lot of RPG elements and story and missions.  You and your dog will both level up, and if I am reading the Kickstarter info correctly, you can even send your dog off on solo missions.  And or course, your dog will help you fight in combat.  I don’t see any indication of whether the game will include any multiplayer aspects, so keep that in mind if you prefer more than just single player games.

Sound good?  Well then I should also mention that every Dead Years Kickstarter pledge level other than the first will grant you testing access, and that is what we are all about!  Give it a look!



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