Ashen Rift Kickstarter: The Home Stretch

AR-2There are five days remaining in the Ashen Rift Kickstarter, and almost %50 to the goal.  If you are thinking about backing the game now is the time to get over there now and help make it a reality.

Strangely enough I recently had a chance to chat with Barry Collins, the creative force behind Ashen Rift, while giving him a ride to the airport on his way to GDC.  In that thirty minute drive, we chatted about Barry’s experience in gaming and game development.  The one big thing that stuck with me from that conversation is that Barry has really been inspired by the Quake games.  He waxes poetic about them, and they are heavily influencing his development of Ashen Rift.  His goal is to recreate that old-school shooter feel in his upcoming apocalyptic video romp.  That is a lofty goal indeed, but I really hope he pulls it off in Ashen Rift.

By the way, if you haven’t seen the latest gameplay concept video showing the destructible terrain, you should give it a look.  It is pretty slick.

So get on it, people!  Back the Ashen Rift Kickstarter today, and make sure you grab a pledge tier that grants you testing access!


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