Carbine 10 Early Access

Carbine 10 Early AccessYears ago I used to be really into racing games that included combat (Bullfrog’s Hi-Octane was one of my favourites).  I mean, winning a racing game is fun enough, but doing so by blowing your opponents off the track is just extra awesome gravy!  Well, the Carbine 10 early access just arrived yesterday, and it allows for some racing combat with a twist.

Carbine 10 involves players teams of two, one driver and one shooter.  The drivers, as you might expect, drive racing cars and attempt to win the race.  The shooters, on the other hand, do the fighting, but isn’t what you might expect.  The shooters actually take control of strategically placed turrets around the track, with each turret using a different type of weapon (Gatling cannon, sniper cannon, or missiles).  The shooters are constantly jockeying for the turrets around the track, which I take to mean that if one player has control of a turret the other shooters can’t use it.  Drivers need to avoid enemy fire while the shooters are trying to take them out.  It sounds like the cars can be equipped with some counter-measures so the drivers aren’t totally defenseless.

There is a single player mode, but I think the co-op PvP mode for this game will be where the real action is.  Plus, from the videos and screen shots, Carbine 10 looks pretty sexy, so if you are into racing games with guns (and really, who isn’t?) then you should really check out the Carbine 10 early access on Steam.  The standard early access warnings apply, but one great thing is that not only will you help test the game, but you will get full access to all future content as well.  Check it out!



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