Montas Early Access

Montas Early AccessAre you ready to have the sauce scared out of you?  Montas is hoping you are considering that the Montas early access went live today, and if you are into horror-survival games this one could be worth a look.

I actually heard about Montas early last year via Steam Greenlight, and I have been looking forward to seeing it arrive officially on Steam since then.  What I really love about Montas is that the devs (Organic Humans) are going the Amnesia-esque route of trying to scare the hell out of you by using your imagination.  You will explore the environments while being terrified that you are being hunted by something close by but rarely seeing it or them.  And if you do, you can’t do anything but run and hide.  At least, that is the impression I get from the info and videos.  I hope they stick to that.

The info on the Montas early access page indicates that the devs expect the test to run for about a year, during which they are hoping to get plenty of feedback from early access testers.  Standard early access warnings apply, but for a measly $10 it really isn’t that much of a risk.  Oh, and they are planning on Oculus Rift support.  Check it out!


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