StarCrawlers Pre-Order with Testing Access

StarCrawlers Pre-OrderRegular followers of DBB will already know that I am looking forward to StarCrawlers.  I backed the game’s Kickstarter early on, and I really liked what I saw in the press demo I tried recently.  The game looks promising if you are into grad-based dungeon crawl games.

The StarCrawlers Kickstarter recently wrapped up, with goal being met and a number of stretch goals being achieved (huzzah!).  Well, if you didn’t back the game and regret it (as you should) then you are in luck, because the StarCrawlers pre-order in now up and running.  Better yet, like many of the Kickstarter tiers, some of the pre-order tiers will net you testing access in the future (all the way from pre-alpha testing depending on how much you spend).

So, if you are looking for an old-school dungeon crawl feel combined with a modern sci-fi setting, procedurally generated maps, and dynamic story progression, you really should have a look at StarCrawlers.  Have at it!



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