Wargame Red Dragon Pre-Order with Beta Access

Wargame Red Dragon Pre-OrderWe have been hearing about Wargame Red Dragon for a while now, and the wait is finally over.  The Wargame Red Dragon pre-order is now available via Steam or the Focus Interactive shop, and with a beta testing bonus!  If you purchase the Wargame Red Dragon pre-order you will be granted immediate access to the multiplayer beta, which should keep you busy until the game launched in mid-April.

The Wargame series are known for their extensive and daunting RTS gameplay, and Red Dragon doesn’t look to shake that mantle off.  You will control armies comprising air, ground, and naval vehicles selected from a staggering pool of 1450 units across 17 playable nations.  That’s insane!  The naval warfare has been especially touted in Red Dragon, which should add a whole new dimension to the series.

For those of you who are already owners of Wargame Airland Battle, you are entitled to a 25% discount on the Wargame Red Dragon pre-order.  Even if you don’t have the predecessor game, Red Dragon is worth a look if you are seeking a really deep and intricate RTS experience.  Check it out!



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