StarCrawlers Hands-On Preview

StarCrawlers Hands-OnElena Consacro over at Juggernaut Games was kind enough to provide Death by Beta with a preview demo of StarCrawlers.  I quickly played through it (three times actually) and wrote up some first impressions of the game.  If you have been considering pledging for the StarCrawlers Kickstarter, then read this quickly because only 12 hours remain at the time of writing this.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Combat in StarCrawlers uses a modified turn-based formula.  Instead of every character and enemy simply getting a single turn per round, characters and enemies can be inserted back into the queue rather than just the end.  This is all dependent on the skill chosen at any given time.  Certain skills are quick and allow characters to have multiple turns per round (I say “round” but there isn’t anything discrete).  Hovering over a skill not only reveals its description, but also shows you where in the queue it will put that character.  This allows for some carefully planning.

Check out the article and check out the StarCrawlers Kickstarter while there is still time!


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