Duelyst Kickstarter

Duelyst KickstarterAnother Kickstarter has recently launched.  This time it is the Duelyst Kickstarter, and it looks like it could really tickle the fancy of you tactical PvPers out there.  Duelyst is being developed by some folks with some notable credentials, including formers Diablo III veterans.

Duelyst was originally an in-house board game played by the devs that has now morphed into a full blown digital game featuring a slick combination of artistic and retro graphics.  In Duelyst, you assemble your custom squad from over 100 units and spells to do battle in a turn-based 1v1 match where positioning is critical.  Every unit and spell is earned by the playing the game, a fact that the Duelyst Kickstarter page states clearly and proudly (they are trying to stave off the pay-2-win stench right from the get go…smart move).

Duelyst will sport a single player mode, but the real draw will be the various PvP modes, especially the ranked modes, including a draft mode that should be the ultimate PvP experience in the game.  All in all it looks to be a great game, and apparently other gamers think so too since the Duelyst Kickstarter has already reached over 50% of its $68000 goal in only three days.  Make sure you pledge at least $30 in order to get access to the beta test.  Give it a look!



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