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Elder Scrolls Online Beta ArticlesAs many of you know, there was another Elder Scrolls Online beta test event this past weekend.  As part of that, the NDA was dropped for press sites and the result was a huge raft of ESO beta opinions and articles suddenly hitting the web at the same time.  A couple of us here at DBB played in the weekend, and we had a lot of fun with it.  Even so, I still had an interesting time reading about other player’s opinions about the game.  Some opinions were positive, and still others were negative (very negative in some cases).  In case some of you out there wanted to read up on the such opinions, I have collected links to many of these articles for you to peruse.  Given the hefty price tag of Elder Scrolls Online, it is probably worth reading through these opinions to help you make an informed decisions.  Bear in mind that there are many more such articles out there, but these are the one that I found interesting.  So check out these Elder Scrolls Online beta articles and enjoy!


Ten Ton Hammer

Why I hate The Elder Scrolls Online
Why I love The Elder Scrolls Online
Hands on with The Elder Scrolls Online PvP



The Elder Scrolls Online: Fitting into the genre or forging its own?
Elder Scrolls Online Beta: Battling it out in Cyrodiil [Video]
Tamriel Infinium: The missing parts of Elder Scrolls Online impressions
The Elder Scrolls Online beta is absolutely nothing special



Elder Scrolls Online Previews: The Alliance War Gets It Right
Elder Scrolls Online Column: ESO: It’s The Little Things
Elder Scrolls Online Column: How Zenimax’ Gambit Could Pay Off


Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Hands On: The First Few Hours Of Elder Scrolls Online


PC Gamer

The Elder Scrolls Online video preview: a quick tour through a dungeon quest [Video]
The Elder Scrolls Online hands-on: trouble in Tamriel


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