Free Everquest Next Landmark Founder Codes

Everquest Next Landmark Founder CodesI just noticed this post over on Massively which mentions that the Everquest Next Landmark devs are giving away free Founder’s codes on their Twitter accounts.  A quick trip over to the EQN Landmark Twitter confirmed this.  The Massively post compiled a helpful list of EQNL devs to follow (thanks for doing that!): @DaveGeorgeson, @terryjmichaels, @omeeddariani, @Rosierap, @mhigby, and @PurrfectStorm.




If you are interested in EQN Landmark but haven’t purchased a Founder pack, this could be a great way to snag a free code.  The Everquest Next Landmark Founder Codes will be snapped up fast though so you will need to be really quick.  Don’t forget that you can still sign up for the EQN Landmark beta test if you have already done so.


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