The Dissatisfaction of a Purchasable Alpha [External Article]

Xerin over at Ten Ton Hammer has posted a short opinion piece regarding the current gaming trend of buying into alpha (and beta) tests.  I rather appreciate such editorials from the gaming journalist crowd (even if I don’t always agree with their conclusions), especially when they obviously relate to what DBB is all about: game testing.

We certainly have seen a bit of a paradigm shift in the last few years away from pure game tests to the current trend of crowd-funding and early access testing.  Is this good or bad?  It might be too early to tell.  On the one hand, it allows people to guarantee themselves a testing spot if they are willing to shell out the money, but on the other hand it does allow developers to have a ready made excuse for being slow on releasing content.  Anyway, check out the article and tell us what your opinion is.


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2 thoughts on “The Dissatisfaction of a Purchasable Alpha [External Article]

  1. Unfortunately, Xerin at TenTonHammer doesn’t understand what alphas are meant to be. He approaches it from the view point of “I want a finished game and this isn’t finished…what a rip off” attitude.

    I tell everyone who wants to try a game…wait for the release. What you see now may not even remotely resemble the released version. Buy what you want then…not now.

    I tell all the people coming into alphas and closed betas, STOP YOUR WHINING and read the Announcment in the forums. This is totally unfinished and I am sorry you are such a sot that you can’t be bothered to read-before-you-buy. Grow up…for crikes sake…you’re 35!!! -)


    • I agree with this. In general the concept of game testing is lost on most gamers these days. It seems that most want to demo a finished product rather than test an unfinished product. If someone isn’t looking to test a game during an alpha or beta for the sake of testing and giving feedback, they should wait for the game’s launch.

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