Trove Alpha Preview [External Article]

Once again the wonderful folks at MMORPG have written up an article that may be relevant to some of you, this time regarding Trion’s Trove.  Trove is currently undergoing alpha testing and, as we told you about recently, if you like what you see you can still sign up to test the Trove alpha over at the game’s website.  Alternatively, you can purchase a Trove support package, some of which will grant you alpha access (or at least alpha invite priority).  Enjoy!

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One thought on “Trove Alpha Preview [External Article]

  1. Trove is pretty fun for builders. Max level is 20 at this time. The most I’ve seen playing has been 10 divided across 3 servers. There are mobs to fight but the Devs are not worried about balancing the game since it is in alpha. The Devs are very responsive and listen to the user base via Reddit. Users can submit created content for consideration of inclusion into the game.


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