System Shock Demo and Kickstarter

SHODAN is returning! Check out the System Shock demo and Kickstarter to see how this remake of the classic sci-fi horror game is shaping up! Very likely most of you have heard about this news already, but SHODAN is returning! That is, returning in the form of a remake of the original and very classic […]

Defenders of Naxia Demo and Kickstarter

Check out the pre-alpha Defenders of Naxia demo that is currently available as part of the game’s Kickstarter campaign! We don’t really cover crowdfunding campaigns much these days, although I do continue to peruse Kickstarter on occasion to look for campaigns that also include a game demo to try out. Case in point is the […]

Gigantic Stress Test

Sign up for a chance to participate in the Gigantic stress test that starts on June 30! It has been awhile since I have talked about Gigantic. Since that time, plenty of things have changed for this new MOBA-esque third person shooter from Motiga. Of these, probably the most significant event was the partnering of […]

Riders of Icarus Open Beta Incoming

The Riders of Icarus open beta starts on July 6, with a head start for Founder’s Packs on June 29! This bit of news is a bit old now, but I figured I would wait until the start of the Riders of Icarus open beta to talk about it. It doesn’t actually start until July […]

Mirage Beta Registration

Sign up for the Mirage beta test for a chance to test out this brutal magic and melee multiplayer game from the makers of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare! I have been surfing all of the E3 news that is piling up out there in the netherverse, and I happened to notice a post over on Rock […]

MIGHT Beta Key Giveaway (more keys added!)

More keys have been added to our MIGHT beta key giveaway, so grab a key quickly for this new PvP arena brawler! This week is a one-two punch for MIGHT around here. Not only did we tell you about the MIGHT beta registration and Steam Greenlight, but we also have a small number of MIGHT […]

GWENT Closed Beta Registration

Sign up for the GWENT closed beta for a chance to test out the standalone version of the popular card game from Witcher 3! I have yet finished Witcher 2, and thus I haven’t bothered to pick up Witcher 3. This in turn means that I have never had a chance to try GWENT, the […]

Paragon Open Beta Weekend

Another Paragon open beta weekend is incoming, starting June 16! At this point I have given up trying to keep track of all of the Paragon beta weekends that have come and gone. And we get to add another one to the pile! Yes, Epic Games is running another Paragon open beta weekend, starting on […]

MIGHT Beta Registration

Sign up for the MIGHT beta test for a chance to try this new PvP arena brawler! So this morning, a software studio over in Sweden reached out to Death by Beta to let us know about another game in development and another beta test. Cristian Malmros from Fast Forward Games was kind enough to […]

Revelation Online Closed Beta Registration

Sign up for the Revelation Online closed beta and get ready to take flight! Once again our good friend Kusaha has been kind enough to send us some interesting beta testing news to share with everyone! This time he wanted us to let everyone know about the new MMORPG that is being brought to us […]

Starfall Tactics Alpha Registration

Sign up for the Starfall Tactics alpha test! So just over a year ago I mentioned the Starfall Tactics Kickstarter and talked how it looked like it could be a winner with its blend of real time tactical gameplay and a more persistent online experience, as well as a form of deck building. Anyway, I […]

Escape from Tarkov Alpha

The Escape from Tarkov alpha test is slated to start on August 4! Well I guess the testing plan for Escape from Tarkov has changed somewhat in the recent past. Back at the beginning of the year when I first told you to sign up for the testing, the plan was to have the closed […]

Riders of Icarus Beta Key Giveaway!

We have some Riders of Icarus beta keys up for grabs! [Update: all gone!] Good news! The third and final Riders of Icarus beta test got underway yesterday. Even better news is that Nexon was kind enough to send us some beta keys to giveaway to our readers! Given that the beta test is already […]

Lawbreakers Alpha Update

The LawBreakers closed alpha begins in a couple of weeks! It is always nice to wake up to interesting game testing related news, as was the case this morning. About 20 minutes ago, Death by Beta received an email sharing details about the incoming LawBreakers alpha, specifically that it will be starting in a couple […]

Yet Another Atlas Reactor Open Beta Weekend

Another Atlas Reactor open beta weekend is incoming! It would appear that Trion is not yet finished with opening up the Atlas Reactor beta test for select weekends. I say that because I received a mailing list email this morning stating that there would be yet another Atlas Reactor open beta weekend event running this […]

NITE Team 4 Alpha Demo

Try the NITE Team 4 alpha demo from the makers of The Black Watchmen! Here is some interesting news that I noticed last night on Rock, Paper, Shotgun and that I figured many of you might like to take a look at. The good folks over at Alice & Smith are working on a new […]